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some of the numbers that i see are numbers that go back to 2009 when i first came into office where it was said there's 100 to $150 million of uncollected taxes. you go back 10 years ago using the same numbers, it's not realistic. number one, a lot of those people are businesses that are no longer here. we need the number as it relates to taxes. the same thing holds true for empty houses. i see the number constantly at 78,000. that's not a right number. it's a moving number on a monthly basis but it's not near to 78,000. >> when you say -- >> that was detroit mayor dave bing speaking on the ruling moments ago that detroit can file chapter 9 bankruptcy. he'll be joining us later this hour. but first "twelve days of christmas" and only eight days of congress. it's december 3rd and this is
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"now." don't call it a comeback. house of representatives back in washington this week presumably to resolve pressing legislative issues but more likely to waste taxpayer dollars fighting over the same old stuff they have been fighting about all along. as typical congress has given itself very little time to get anything done. the two chambers are in session together for just four more days this year. that is 96 hours to broker a budget deal before the december 13th deadline, not to mention the dozens of other bills that the republican-led house either ignored or rejected including but not limited to comprehensive immigration reform which passed the senate over five months ago ending employment discrimination, which more than two-thirds of the country supports and a farm bill which the house gop used to slash food assistance by $40 billion and
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therefore assured its demise. so far the likelihood of a budget deal is anybody's guess as house budget chair paul ryan told "politico," we're talking but it's premature to say anything now. if the parties fail to reach a deal. or more likely if house republicans reject a deal, the government will again shut down on january 15th. and less than a month later on february 7th, the economic bomb that is the debt ceiling is set to go off. i can't believe i have to say both of those things again. with all of this hanging over his head speaker john boehner channeled his newman, what me, worry? approach to congressional deadlines. speaking before the break boehner seems completely nonplussed he provides over the least productive congress since world war ii. >> listen, we have a very divided country and a very divided government. i'm not going to sit here and
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underestimate the difficulty finding the common ground. there's not as much common ground here as there used to be. >> indeed. why find common ground when one party can spend all of its time railing against the president's health care law. with that the president will defend his signature achievement in a speech at 2:30 eastern. joining me georgetown university professor eric dyson, salon's editor-at-large joan walsh, "washington post" columnist jonathan capehart, former democratic congressman harold ford, jr. joining us from washington nbc's capitol hill correspondent luke russert. luke, i can't believe i'm saying the words government shut down and debt ceiling debacle once again, my friend. what are the chances that the two waring sides get together to pass a budget deal in the next two weeks? >> well, you'd think it would be good after what happened to congress's approval during the last shutdown fight and
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argument, especially for house republicans. but as of right now it doesn't necessarily have a very rosey outlook. there's been all this talk that paul ryan, the republican from wisconsin and patty murray, democrat from washington chairing this conference committee will figure out some way to lessen the impact of the sequester. as far as a wide reaching grand bargain, that's not going to happen. now they are trying to figure out, okay, what can we do to replace sequester cuts a lot of democrats and republicans don't like in the pentagon but still make it revenue neutral so republicans don't jump off the ship. in order to do that they have to figure out small areas where they can find money. things as weird as new fees for airlines, broadband spectrum the government has. something you can get there with revenue, no way called a tax increase. that's what they are trying to work on by december 17th in order to have a bill to fund the
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government. if not, the deadline is january 15th. will we see a government shutdown? i don't believe. probably a two-month punt to get to something. that's what we're working towards. as you mentioned, alex, senate not here, house going next week and leadership doesn't want to stay here through christmas. >> harold, i have to ask you, as a former congressman, are you in any way perplexed, which i think is putting it euphemistically at the attitude of the speaker of the house, there's not as much common ground, we're not going to search for come common ground. we want to be judged not on what we enact but what question repeal. that's a sea change of people elected. >> i think john boehner who i know and like would retract those comments. i hope he would. i'll put in a different perspective. they are right where they were a few months back. democrats wanting more revenue, republicans wanting some cuts in
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entitlements. now, i'm not that bright and neither is my 3-year-old dog. it suggests to me the only way we're going to get a deal is if some people are willing to give. there is common ground. the president is willing to recalculate benefits under social security, formula for those calculations early in the year. paul ryan agrees with that. the president also said he's willing to look at medicare premiums for those that earn more. ryan says he agrees to that. i don't understand why adults can't come into the room -- this is not placing -- i think republicans are at blame but at some level this impasses, we have a subsenate, we all have to give a little bit here. if not the sequestration cuts will take effect in january. as much as some people don't like them, the sky didn't fall in when they happened at the beginning of this year. i doubt the sky will fall in if it happens this year. that threat hangs over them. >> these are different cuts than defense cuts which theoretically has that action looms larger over the republican party. >> i think nobody wants to do
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this except tea party people. very interesting senator patty murray supposed to be on vacation. she personally traveled to washington. she's meeting -- the senator, lofty one, they are working together, not talking about any kind of grand bargain. lots of people don't like the idea for those but they are trying to come up with an alternative to the really deeper sequester cuts and it's unbelievable they can't even agree on fees. okay. we're not talking about tax rate hikes that's off the table. we can't close loopholes. >> we're talking about auctioning broadband spectrum, higher fees on airport security and vacuuming up loose change jonathan capehart might have. >> there's a lot of it. >> there is a lot of change. i think part of the reason compromise seems so hard is that republicans have not are to ask themselves the tough questions about what they would do in terms of broader policy because
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they have been able to distract themselves with the calamitous rollout of the aca. that literally is the only thing they can agree on is that aca bad. everything else is up for grabs. to actually agree on a piece of policy is almost an anathema. >> for the populous, it will be a positive one. no such possibility in the offing for intransigence the tea party has exhibited. to allow the tea party to hijack -- lets give the republican party credit. be more reasonable. ford says i like john boehner, he's a reasonable man, we would like to see evidence of that. we're looking for it. now, if that's the case, then what we're seeing then is a
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small slither of the elected officials of this nation holding hostage not only the rest but the republican party itself, which means they lost power essentially for john boehner to govern. b, what they have done is impose restraint on commonsensical resolution of differences that might prevail otherwise. >> jonathan, we are in the holiday season. there's a time to be merry and bright. yet, if you look at where we are, as opposed to where we thought we would be on immigration reform, basic gun safety measures, on the employment nondiscrimination act, none of those bills are going nowhere. as far as gun safety reform, now the debate is whether or not plastic weaponry can be manufactured in the united states and there's actual pushback on that. >> look, we've talked about this. i feel like i'm a broken record. what's needed on capitol hill, what's needed in the house
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specifically is leadership. speaker boehner needs to turn to the tea party caucus in his party and say this is what's good for the country. we've gotten to the point now where we can't -- we -- they cannot just solely look at what's in the best interest of their districts only. i don't care how safe they are in the districts. they need to look at the country as a whole. the speaker needs to push them there. if that means john boehner loses his speakership, then so be it, the country is at stake here. i'm not utopian here but at some point something has to give. >> that's easier said than done. don't get me wrong. >> i know. >> republicans have to remember this, at the end of last year when the bill was negotiated, they actually agreed to more tax increases than they ever agreed to and got no spending cuts. they lost badly. democrats have to remember if they go forward and sequester cuts take effect the impact on communities affect our constituency the most will be impacted in an undue way.
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both sides have incentive, i'm going to give here, there. is it entirely comfortable for democrats? no. is it entirely comfortable for republicans? no. i'm encouraged by one thing boehner is allowing to happen. mainstream are beating tea party one in alabama, louisiana, i hope that trend continues. >> a lot of people -- luke, i want to ask you about the moderates versus tea partiers. in terms of analysis on the budget deal one of the thing that seems to be complicating negotiations, moderate are spending for less draconian spending cuts for defense programs which is not something tea partiers care about. moderate republicans are the ones sort of making overtures about a government shutdown inclusiin collusion with democrats. >> you have marriage of moderate and defense hawks in the house gop conference who believe those sequestration cuts to the
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pentagon are too much as well as programs people rely on. as far as do the moderates have the ear of john boehner, i think for boehner to be successful here, what he really needs to have happen is paul ryan reach a deal. if paul ryan sells something, the tea party buys it no matter what. >> is that true, though? do you think he has an ironclad -- >> in this case, they would get enough. if patty murray signed off on it and pelosi delivers the votes, paul ryan could deliver the votes. the strategy with paul ryan, remember, anything they do will become a new bill that will have to go through the senate, right? they are going to need 60 votes in the united states senate for a budget compromise. how do you get republicans -- nab four or five republicans to get it passed a cloture vote. for that specifically paul ryan is a big impact, susan collins, john mccain, those people, because he gives them cover if there's a problem.
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it hinges on ryan signing off. >> from the speaker or leadership from tryin paul ryan. sage of capitol hill, luke russert. >> alex a special day, two st. albans graduates on at the time. >> now is the point in the show where i make a nasty joke about private schools and then gets mad at me so i'm not going to take the bait, russert, you and your wiley st. albans ways. >> go bulldogs. >> coming up, a federal judge ruled in detroit's landmark bankruptcy case. we'll discuss the details when mayor dave bing joins us live ahead. but first, the rnc does damage control in the wake of controversial tweet about rosa parks. despite cosmetic fixes and autopsy reports republicans have a grand ole problem with race. we'll discuss next on "now." [ female announcer ] can it get any cleaner?
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this weekend the rnc was criticized for rosa park's bold stand in her role ending racism. four hours later rnc forced to fire off an update celebrating her bold stand and role in fighting to end racism. of course by then it was too late. by then the #racism ended when had been launched and another republican outreach to minorities met its tragic end. debacle days before rand paul heads to detroit to open the
9:18 am
party's african-american engagement office. one strategist told the "huffington post" the party should have an office in detroit but calling it the african-american engagement office is absurd, offensive and pathetic. indeed it is not the first time rand paul has engaged in absurd, pathetic and offensive minority outreach. recall his speech at howard university this april. >> how many of you if i said who do you think the fountainers of of the naacp was, do you think they were republicans or democrats, would anybody know they were republicans? >> yes. >> you know more than i know. i don't mean that to be insulting. i want to know what you know. i'm trying to find out what the connection is. >> rance priebus trying to make inroads after proudly asserted african-american community has a lot in common with the republican party. the rnc must be committed to building a lasting relationship
9:19 am
year-round based on mutual respect and with the spirit of caring. so far the progress on that front has been dim, writes jonathan capehart. autopsies are done on dead things. every since its march 27 release the gop has done everything possible to stay dead. take priebus himself weighing in on america's first black president. >> it's the culture the president has cultivated here. a culture of dishonesty, hatred. i think he should take ownership over this divisive culture he created. >> divisive culture of dishonesty and hatred. yet when the president weighed in on the thing that most divides us, race, his comments were honest and they were unifying and they were fundamentally optimistic. >> i don't want to lose sight things are better. doesn't mean we're in a post racial society, racism is eliminated. when i talk to malia and sasha
9:20 am
and i listen to their friends and see them interact, they are better than we are. they are better than we were. >> as far as cultivating a culture of dishonesty and division, perhaps the republican party should hold up a mirror. >> now, is the president easing racial tension or stoking racial tension? >> indeed, as long as the grand old party continues to practice nullification strategy of the old confederate south it's going to have a hard time winning new voters regardless of their color. jonathan, i'll go to you first. you wrote the gop might as well be dead. sure, the tweet was later corrected. come on people, the lowest level black person could have told them the tweet was wrong or offensive. not that anyone listened, assuming there are any low level black people there, which is hilarious but also probably
9:21 am
true. the outreach, it's cosmetic. >> when you look at the gop autopsy, it's airy fairy, we must use best practices to reach out to the african-american community. best practices is that nonsense world used in the consultant's world, which means we don't know what to do, how to go about this. lets talk to somebody else with the answer. this would not have happened -- rosa parks tweet would not have happened. the unfurling of the confederate flag would not have happened. lar lar larry clayman would not have been allowed had michael steele been the chair of the republican party because he knows what kind of message that sends to african-americans, what that does for the reputation of the republican party, and he would
9:22 am
know to stop it. look, i give the republican party, rnc great credit for correcting the tweet three hours later, but the problem is the tweet went out in the first place. >> there's a sense some corners of the republican party believe racism is over. >> we're the real racist if we say there's a problem with racism. >> that's the racially divisive thing. >> liberal racist. >> because it works for us. the idea on some level someone wants to say, good on you you're trying to engage with black people in detroit. >> absolutely. >> it's almost more insulting to do that in a purely cosmetic sort of marketing fashion as jonathan explains than substantively, which is to rethink policies that disenfranchise minority voters, be they at the voting booth or actual economic policy. >> when it comes to race they
9:23 am
are bigots of low expectations. >> yes, they are. >> the reality is the conversation has swung so far to the right any indication they are interested seems to be worthy of self congratulation. i didn't read the book, the article, but give me credit for being here. really? be quiet right now before i flu flung h flunk you. they don't see the words revival of nullification and interposition, they don't see the fact that there's tremendous concentration of poor people in not only -- not only in prisons but poor schools. there's a way in which the unintended consequence of racial policies have a negative consequence. you don't have to have a racist
9:24 am
intent to have a racial consequence. so the republican party can't wrap their minds around it. as joan just indicated those of us who speak about race are blamed. a ha, you're the ones fomenting race in america as opposed to joining with us to deal with racial reality. they believe rosa park to racism. >> the reason i played the clip of president speaking extemporaneously after the trayvon martin verdict came in. the last thing he was doing was stoking. it was one of the best moments of his presidency. it was so real. it was something for people who think about race, comfortably liberal and progressive, the notion that the president of the united states once heard doors click shut or women grab their handbags tighter in the elevator is horrifying, in the america we live and important to hear. >> no doubt about it.
9:25 am
i agree with everything said. if i were a republican i'd be out asking chris christie how did you win 20% of the african-american vote. i would reach out to tim scott and say why don't you become a face, a voice for some of the things we're trying to do. you can't call your outreach office the african-american engagement office in detroit if you really care about detroit they have $18 billion worth of liabilities, help the republican party to make a federal commitment to try to help them navigate. how do you get more police on the street, get their fire department up and running again. if they are serious about it, be about policies. this silly tweet, i'm thankful they corrected it as well. this school system might not be touching kids these very things because i doubt that intent -- to your point the intent might not have been there but the consequence is a big one. we have to figure out the consequence. >> absolutely right. look what's happening in texas right now. this is a true story. the texas commission that determines the textbooks and texas is huge. what texas does, the rest of the
9:26 am
country follows. now because of budget cuts if texas aadopts a million books textbooks texas says we're not going to reinvent the rule. what did they want to do, cut out the word slavery, atlantic trade, not even atlantic slave trade. they didn't want to name barack obama by game. when they finally did they wanted to call him barack hussein obama. those of those disjointed reminders of the racial truths that lurk beneath the surface are seen as the very cause of the problem. if you can't like barack obama, tell you what, there are a lot of people to his left that say, dude, when you say that because of age younger people -- a lot of instances of racism among younger people, even his optimism sentence granted by the
9:27 am
right wing the power and substance it should otherwise curry. >> the more the right feels like they have been put back on their heels on the subject of race, the more defiant the more intolerant pockets of the republican party become on this issue specifically, the more this cemented narrative -- more the narrative of two americas get cemented, the brown takers and the rest of us. that's why changing not just the pizza box but the actual pizza in the box is going to be very -- from my cold dead hands, i don't know how they do it. >> the transformation of the republican party from the southern strategy to the northern strategy of the southern strategy, which is just as important, playing on race, racial fear of so-called whiteette nicks, they have not recovered from that. they simply don't know how to go forward and win an election without relying at the end of the day they talk a lot about change but they can't walk away from that fearful older white
9:28 am
base, whether it's on immigration reform or african-american -- >> they believe that because it's not explicit and overt it's not real, as a result of that they can't negotiate. read the brilliant new book by jacqueline jones, "a dreadful deceit" to see how the transformation of race from the beginning of republic down to obama's presidency for how we can at least address some of the issues. >> it says minority reports. look, if the republican party does not go back to the hard truths that were in the first 12 pages of the gop autopsy, the republican party will be a minority party. what they are doing with african-americans, they have reenergized the african-american base for democrats. by not doing anything on comprehensive immigration reform, which is the big hall mark of the autopsy, they have turned off, generally speaking,
9:29 am
latino voters to the republican party. if you look at some of the polls that came out before i believe latino voices did a poll that showed while folks would vote democratic, if you asked them if they were liberal or conservative latino were mostly conservative. republicans were leaving votes on the table. talking african-americans and latinos at the moment. you could add women, you could add young people, lesbian, gay, transgender, if the republican party wants to remain a minority party at the can tip to say no to all of those constituency. >> and jonathan capehart gets the last word. >> i'd snap. >> you did a verbal snap. coming up breaking in the last hour a federal junlg ruled detroit eligible to file chapter 9 bankruptcy. we'll discuss motor city and pension problems when detroit's mayor dave bing joins us just ahead.
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aveeno® positively radiant. naturally beautiful results. after today's detroit bankruptcy ruling the city's emergency financial manager kevyn orr, the man charged with fixes detroit also the man with deep cuts to pension plans responded to the judge's decision. here is orr speaking moments ago. >> we're grat feud with the court's ruling regarding the city's eligibility to pursue a plan of adjustment under chapter 9. we remain very concerned about the need to adjust the city's debt, to improve its level of service to citizens and to also prepare for the city to exit this receivership in a fashion that restores democracy to the
9:34 am
stock exchange. we have a lot of work ahead of us. >> we'll discuss 911 and 313 when detroit mayor dave bing joins us next. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪
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so ally bank has a that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help!
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i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. the city of detroit is now officially bankrupt. this morning the judge ruled the motor city is, quote, insolvent and does, in fact, qualify for bankruptcy under chapter 9 of federal bankruptcy law. judge steven rhodes said his written opinion is over 140 pages. with $18 billion in debt and liabilities, detroit represents the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in history. now that the city has been granted bankruptcy protection, the next step for detroit officials is to present a restructuring plan to reduce its debts to the court.
9:38 am
the free press says it, quote, sets the stage over the battle for pension reductions, sale of assets and proposed cuts to financial creditors. while each battle will have its own challenges the fights over pension cuts will no doubt be the most controversial of them all. judge rhodes ruled pensions can be cut saying nothing distinguishes pension debt from other types of debt. he also said he won't approve changes to the city's pension plans unless they are, quote, fair and equitable. detroit has over 21,000 municipal retirees, each of whom receives an average of $1600 a month or $19,000 a year. but because these pension pools are underfunded by $3.5 billion, accounting for roughly 1/6 of the city's debts pension plans are probably one of the first items to hit the chopping block. for months unions and pension funds have been aggressively fight the city and foyt to keep pensions safe from bankruptcy cuts. early today while awaiting judge rhodes decision retirees marched
9:39 am
in froft front of the courthouse in protest indicating how fraught detroit's road to recovery might be. immediately after the ruling unions announced their decision to appeal. joining us now is the mayor of detroit dave binge. mayor, thank you for joining us. i caught a little bit of your press conference that started at the beginning of this hour. one of the things you said and i thought it was important to say the city cannot be divided between city and pensioners because this is an emotionally fraught debate how do you manage to have that conversation and convince everybody it's in the collective best interest to deal with this fairly and equitably. >> it's not going to be an easy problem for us to solve because it's goes beyond emotionalism. it's financial. as you said earlier, there's nobody from a retiree standpoint that has a huge pension.
9:40 am
when you take anything away from them, it's going to have a negative impact on their quality of life. there's no other way for us to solve the problem in detroit but all of us come to the table understanding that all of us are going to have to participate in some element of pain to fix the problem. not going to be easy. now the hard work starts. >> indeed the hard work starts. mayor bing, you mentioned also in the press conference you thought the city would see an improvement in services. if you look at where detroit is starting from, 40% of the city's streetlights aren't functioning, citizens wait almost an hour for police response, the unemployment tripled. some americans rightly or wrongly think detroit is a goner in some ways. how do you convince people this the beginning of a new detroit. >> the first thing you've got to do, for people on the outside who don't live in detroit, visit detroit, you have to come here and see for yourself. do we have problems in
9:41 am
absolutely. do we have solutions for those problems? the answer to that is yes. patience is going to be a key element in all of this. it took us 50 or 60 years to get where we are. it's going to take us some time to come out of this. i do believe that the citizens here in detroit, the people are resilient. they have gone through hell more than once. they understand we're going to have to fight. our fight has to be together. if we have a future, as far as our children and grandchildren are concerned, we have to fix the problem now. we can't tip to kick that can down the road and not make tough decisions. >> mayor bing, i'm going to open this up to our panel in new york. joan, the mayor says people of detroit have been through hell more than once. at the same time pensioneers facing what is deemed fair and equitable cuts. when you're relying on $19,000 a year and you are a retiree, you
9:42 am
have earned these benefits and someone is telling you they are going to take more dollars out of your pocket, dollars you've earned, it's hard to envision how that isn't another round of hell you're putting people back through. >> this is deferred compensation. people gave up salary increases they could have gotten. i'm encouraged by the judge saying he's going to make sure they are fair and equitable. i don't know if it's possible in some situations. i'm sure mayor bing is concerned about a fair solution. i think we're also going to have to lo at creditors. this has to be shared sacrifices. it's often about these horrible pensioneers. >> harold, to that point in terms of the finances of all this, the creditors are going to feel the pain, too, along with the pensioners. by the way, a problem most american cities face. illinois, 241% of the state's
9:43 am
total annual revenues are pension liabilities. connecticut it's 190%. new jersey 137%. this is a problem that's happening around the country. the way that it's dealt with in detroit i think will in some ways be a road map for other cities in america. >> there's no doubt. this is a chal thank could find itself on the doorstep of a number of cities, northwest, competitive cities. as miss walsh knows all liability the city faces is by contract. everyone is going to have to take in the lingo used in the business, take some sort of haircut. i'm encouraged that the fair and equitable standard applied to the pensions. i could ask mayor bing a question, i'm curious, kevyn orr, someone watching from afar seems like he's done a decent job trying to manage through this. will he be able to bring people together, with the new mayor, bring all the parties together, not have division between
9:44 am
pensioners and city, somebody from the university of michigan i hope you get out of this dog gone thing. >> i think it's important for all of us to be on the same page. there's no easy answer to any of this. if we start to have internal fights. i mean, disagreements are one thing. you have to sit down and collaborate and figure out what's best for the city in the long-term. what i've said in my press conference earlier, it's unfathomable that you would have the pensioners that would be divisive as it relates to the people who live here in this city. we have 700,000 people living in the city and 21 to 23,000 retirees. we can't pit them against each other. in order for us to fix the problem, all of us got to come to the table, understand, you know, just how bad this problem is and come up with the solutions because if we don't do it now our children and grandchildren will have this problem in their lifetime and we don't want that to happen. >> you're a son of detroit. what do you make of this ruling today? >> i think the bankruptcy is not
9:45 am
the economic infrastructure of detroit which collapsed, robots replacing people on the line. when you talk about the depletion of resources for people, 83% of the people are african-american, the housing crisis hit them very hard. beyond that the kind of moral bankruptcy that put this on a city manager to begin with, because the reality is they have spent over $100 million to fix the problem to figure it out as opposed to directing those resources to the appropriate places. while i applaud the heroic stature of mayor bing for holding it together, we've got to, as he said, in terms of the disagreements ask questions about where the moneys have been directed first of all. secondly when mr. orr talk about democracy his presence is a direct repudiation of elected officials sworn in to uphold the laws of that state, in that case of detroit. there's a fundamental contradiction at the heart of this resolution and didn't have to come to bankruptcy. >> mayor bing, just one last question before we let you go. you are a mayor, a man of the people. you are hearing from
9:46 am
constituents in a way a lot of other elected officials don't. what is the sense in detroit in and around this. were people thinking this happened and resigned themselves to it? what's the feeling in detroit right now? >> i think the feeling is now that you know we're into bankruptcy, we've all got to come together once again and figure out what's best for the long-term solution. i think there are people willing to come out and fight the business community, philanthropic community and citizens here. all together we have to fix the problem and fix it now. >> mayor of detroit dave bing, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. coming up pope francis is many things, the first jesuit pontiff, champion of the poor and trained chemical technician. but club bouncer? details next. when it's donut friday at the office, i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card.
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troubled congressman undergoing treatment at a florida rehab facility, there's debate whether he'll return to capitol hill following his absence, aka cocaine kerfuffle. if he wants to keep his seat most americans would want him to explain, up next. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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finally, finally, on the heels of florida republican being busted for cocaine possession, a new "huffington post" while 64% support drug testing for welfare recipients and a higher number support drug testing for congress, i want to go to you first, harold, because you're a former member of congress. as funny as it may be maybe a
9:54 am
good idea given the drug scandals in congress. >> when you have members of congress and i wish congress going through this deal the very best and hope redemption for the family. >> don't you love harold for caveats. >> i'm a christian, i do. the same party urging welfare recipients be drug tested. it makes perfect sense, the lodge ig is there, they believe that, these guys recipients of federal money, congress, be drug tested themselves. i wouldn't be afraid of a drug test now or then. >> welfare recipients, congressman, of course. >> i don't believe in drug testing for anybody. that one is easy for me. >> i agree with you. these republican congressmen are urging it. >> the notion welfare recipients on drugs is a fraud. >> secondly, the point is,
9:55 am
though, if they got enough tested they might be a bit more sympathetic to those they want to impose those laws on. >> practice what you preach. if you guys, again, things like employment nondiscrimination act. trans vaginal ultrasound maybe next time you get viagra, you need a rectal exam. that's parallel equivalent. i'm sorry i had to say that word to you. >> we're all grownups. >> they should practice what they preach. >> all i say is go tinkle in the cup. >> that makes it so genteel. it's so divorced from reality and republican life. it would not nice to see -- >> not only divorced but exempt. >> the empathy gap is what we're talking about here. they find it hard to be empathic with anybody struggling. the more they are in a cocoon.
9:56 am
>> railroad there are those criticizing many in washington for having easier access to obama health care site as well. >> we put all those congressmen on the same kind of health care the rest of us have to have, i think there would be a lot quicker reform. >> in fact maybe ted cruz would not be railing so hard against it if he didn't have his wife's $40,000 a year cadillac -- whatever it is, however much it cost. >> both parties should take their party convention toss detroit. >> great call. >> harold ford guess the last piece of advice on the show. >> following capehart's lead. >> thank you to my raucous panel. that is all for now. i'll see you back tomorrow at noon eastern. "andrea mitchell reports" is coming up next. i'm meteorologist bill karins. on this tuesday travel problems in the northern plains and northern rockies.
9:57 am
a major winter storm. first the snow and then the cold will be following behind it. be careful areas like denver, a snowstorm on the way later tonight and tomorrow. same for minneapolis. that cold air will make it all the way to texas with icy conditions by thursday. if you're seeing spots before your eyes...
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10:00 am
will launch a new pr push on the positive benefits of his health care law. will that be enough to get the health care rollout off the critical list? >> the president's health care law continues to wreak havoc on families, small businesses and economy. it's not just a broken website. this bill is fundamentally flawed. >> our republican colleagues have focused so much attention, in fact, obsessed in killing the affordable care act they failed to focus on real needs of americans. >> smashing the speed limit. investigators say derailed commuter train traveling three times the legal speed heading into that dangerous curve 82 miles an hour. still unknown was the crash that killed four passengers caused by mechanical failure or operator error. >> for the train to be going 82 miles an hour around that curve is just a

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